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Aerospace and Military applications require high-quality, precision-engineered parts and components that can be relied upon to operate in the most demanding physical environments. Such products must be able to withstand extended exposure to brutal conditions: extreme temperatures, intense humidity and desiccation, high pressures and vacuum, ultraviolet radiation and ozone, fuels, caustic and corrosive chemicals, abrasion, mechanical strain, wind, salt water, and desert sand.

Seal Usage in the Aerospace/Military Industry

The Aerospace and Military industries make use of a wide range of elastomer and rubber products to meet many different needs:

  • Elastomer seals of many types – O-rings, bellows, boots, caps, connectors, covers, diaphragms, and grommets; door, galley, and cockpit seals; seals for fuel and hydraulic systems, seals for control surfaces.
  • Custom molded parts – eye shields, control surfaces, bushings and vibration isolation mounts, rubber mats and pads, grips, covers, armrests, jackets, mounts, line clamp cushions.
  • Custom materials – bondedIndustry: Aerospace – Military rubber parts, erosion-resistant elastomer coatings that protect aircraft propulsion systems and airframe components, anti-fungus materials.
  • Fire barriers.
  • Electronic connectors and insulators.

Techno Ad Solutions

Techno Ad has decades of experience in fulfilling the high-quality and precision needs of the Aerospace and Military industries. All Techno Ad products meant for the Aerospace or Military industries are manufactured according to SAE, AMS, and military standards. We are GMP compliant, with a company-wide Quality Management System which monitors customer feedback, and ensures the company conforms to all ISO 9001 and EN 9100/9200/9300 requirements.

We are a valued long-term supplier to the Israel Ministry of Defense, Israel Aircraft Industries and Elbit Systems.

Our stock includes a large selection of parts manufactured from SAE and AMS certified materials:

  • A large selection of standard and non-standard O-rings.
  • Diaphragms, seals, and custom-molded parts of various materials exhibiting:
    • Resistance to chemical solvents
    • Resistance to fuels and hydraulic fluids
    • Resistance to combustion, flame spread, and toxic smoke production
    • Stability at extreme temperatures, dryness and humidity
    • Resistance to mechanical strain and abrasion, with excellent Compression Set characteristics
    • Resistance to UV and ozone
    • Resilience to vacuum and suction pressures
    • Low friction and self-lubricating compounds
    • Anti-fungal materials
  • Composite rubber-bonded parts

Techno Ad engineers are experienced in designing and producing a broad range of high performance rubber components for use in the Aerospace and Military industries. We can produce custom-shaped molded parts based on customer designs with SAE, AMS, MIL-STD and MIL-SPEC certified materials. We have extensive experience in engineering custom solutions for many different Aerospace and Military technologies. Whether you are creating a new design or are re-engineering existing technologies, Techno Ad can work with you from idea to prototype to production with a very short lead time.

Techno Ad is your comprehensive supplier for all sealing solutions

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