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Food Processing


The modern Food Processing industry is vast and multifaceted. At every stage in the process of transforming raw materials into finished food products, a wide variety of processing techniques and machinery are used. These techniques and machinery typically make use of a wide variety of rubber materials and products.

Techno Ad Solutions

Techno Ad has decades of experience in supplying many products for the Food Processing industry. All Techno Ad products meant for the Food Industry have Materials and GMP certification.

Our stock includes:

  • A wide range of elastomers (Silicone, EPDM, NBR, etc.) of various hardnesses
  • A large selection of standard and non-standard O-rings
  • Diaphragms and seals of various materials exhibiting:
    • Resistance to greases, oils, water, alcohols, acids and/or alkalies
    • Chemical inertness
    • Resistance to chemicals used in industrial cleaning and sterilization
    • Steam sterilization resilience
    • Stability in extreme temperature situations
  • Composite rubber-bonded parts

We can produce custom-shaped molded parts based on customer designs with food contact approved compounds. We have extensive experience in engineering custom solutions using many different food manufacturing technologies. Whether you are creating a new design or are re-engineering existing technologies, Techno Ad can work with you from idea to prototype to production with a very short lead time.

Elastomer Usage in the Food Processing Industry

Food Industry Requirements

Many of the processes involved in industrial food production involve exposure to extremes of heat or cold temperature, high or low pressure, suction, and/or exposure to potentially reactive compounds such as oils, fats, acids, and alkalies. Rubber parts used in the food industry must be able to withstand contact with aggressive cleaning and sanitizing agents and processes. Additionally, rubber parts used in the food industry must be, in both composition and design, resistant to microbial growth. Mechanical, chemical, thermal, and hygienic processes each pose independent challenges in designing rubber parts best suited for each particular process. Each individual process, together with the set of environmental variables relevant to that process, will determine which types of rubber components are best suited for each specific situation.

Read more about Food Grade Elastomer Standards

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