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For more than 50 years, Techno Ad has provided sealing solutions for industrial applications to thousands of customers, including O-rings, Backup-Rings, X-Rings, O-Ring cords, Rubber washers, and other standard parts. Techno Ad also provides our customers custom designed seals, diaphragms, and integrated metal and rubber parts.

Techno Ad has the flexibility to produce parts locally in our plant located in the south of Israel, or to source products through our wide range of partners all over the world.

Techno Ad is the exclusive, certified, and authorized representative of leading companies in the US, Italy, Germany, the UK, Taiwan, China, and in other countries around the world. This international network of reputable partners and manufacturers allows us to offer products of outstanding quality at extremely competitive prices, and means that Techno Ad can find almost any product in the field, no matter how unusual or unique, for rapid delivery throughout the country and overseas.

Techno Ad maintains an extensive stock of standard and non-standard parts, including O-rings, diaphragms, custom shaped seals, and more. Techno Ad’s advanced computer automated warehouse system helps to keep a safety stock of standard and non-standard parts, including custom products, which allows for product delivery immediately after our customer’s request, with no wasted time!

Techno Ad’s engineering and quality departments offer customer support services, and have the expertise, dedication, and experience to help our customers develop specialized parts. From design, to production, and choosing the correct solution – our deep understanding of materials and experience in the field will provide the support that you need.

Techno Ad offers its many years of experience working with elastomers to our customers who need a specialized rubber component made to specification. With our vast knowledge of the various kinds of rubber materials, the company can advise on selecting the most suitable material, drawing up design options and blueprints, and helping our customers through the entire process, from prototype to mass production. At Techno Ad, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand our customer’s needs, to offer the most practical and suitable solution, while exceeding customer expectations in the process.

Many Techno Ad parts began life in the company’s extremely active engineering department, and were developed to specification in cooperation and coordination with customers. We are always happy to provide as many samples as needed, in order to produce a component that meets your exact requirements. Ask for Techno Ad’s Technical Data pages for further details.


Techno Ad is your comprehensive supplier for all sealing solutions

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