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News & Events

Failure of the O-ring due to Leakage

Failure of the O-ring due to leakage is one of the most common causes of a shorter than expected life-time ! How can this be avoided ? There are many mechanical tests that manufacturers use to differentiate the benefits of various fluoroelastomer compounds. One such property is compression set but there are others such as […]

New Addition to DuPont™ Kalrez™ Portfolio

New Addition to DuPont™ Kalrez™ Portfolio Offers New Alternatives for Sanitary Seals Offering meets compliance criteria in food handling, beverage and pharmaceutical markets DuPont launched its new perfluoroelastomer parts, DuPont™ Kalrez™ LS390, for use as sanitary seals in food handling, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications where FDA, USP VI at 121°C and Japan Pharmacopeia compliance are […]

Selecting the best elastomer Material

Make the right choice – don’t forget Techno Ad is there to support! There are many criteria for choosing the best elastomer material and here are some of the major criteria such as Temperature, Chemical Resistance, use in a Static or Dynamic environment. Temperature: What temperature is the elastomeric material going to operate at and […]
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