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PSI Products GmbH

Flange Gaskets And Flange Isolation

PSI products ensure reliable high quality sealing technologies for pipelines and pipelines accessories.

PSI is committed to combining innovative ideas and sound arguments to create high-quality, functional, and cost effective accessories for pipeline construction.

PSI products do not compromise on quality materials and perfect workmanship, regularly exceeding high customer expectations regarding safety, flexibility, and ease of use.

Products from PSI include:

  • Original Link-Seal®
  • Compact seals
  • STOPAQ® 2100
  • Sealing plug
  • Wallcollars
  • Wall sleeves
  • Flange gaskets
  • Flange isolation
  • STOPAQ® 4100/4200
  • Anti-corrosion tape
  • Mechanical pipe protection
  • Insulators
  • Casing endseals
  • Pigs
Techno Ad is a licensed distributor for PSI Products GmbH.
To learn more about PSI, visit: here
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