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Storage and Shelf Life

ISO 2230

The International Organization of Standardization is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies. ISO 2230 specifies guidelines for storage of rubber products. This International Standard give guidelines for the inspection, recording procedures, packaging and storage of products, assemblies and components made from vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber prior to being put into circulation.

Rubber Shelf Life is also governed by the ARP5316 military standard, but Techno Ad has adopted the ISO 2230 standard for internal use.

It is applicable to both solid and cellular rubber products prepared from dry raw rubber, latex or other sources. The recommendations for packaging form an integral part of the controlled storage procedure, as well as providing means of identifying the material and product.



The shelf life of an elastomer is largely dependent upon following the guidelines of ISO 2230 in the following areas:

  • Temperature – The storage temperature should be around 25˚C, and products should be stored away from direct sources of heat.
  • Humidity – The storage should be in a dry area.
  • Light – The products should be protected from direct sunlight, UV and artificial light that has a high UV content.
  • Radiation – Products should be protected from all sources of ionising radiation.
  • Ozone – Storage rooms should not contain any equipment capable of generating ozone.
  • Deformation – Rubber should be stored free from superimposed tensions and compressive stresses or other causes of deformation. Do not hang sealing rings!
  • Contact with liquid or semi-liquid materials – Rubber should not come into contact with liquid or semi-liquid materials or their vapours at any time during storage, unless these materials are an integral part of the product or the manufacturer’s packaging.

Shelf Life

Techno Ad recommends the shelf life of rubber products per ISO 2230:

Rubber/ElastomerTechno Ad AbbreviationRecommended Shelf Life (years) without inspectionShelf Life extension (years) after visual inspection
Natural RubberNR52


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