AFLAS®  Fluoroelastomer


Fluoroelastomer based upon an alternating copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene (TFE/P). Aflas®, when properly formulated, can be used to fabricate o-rings, gaskets, and seals possessing several unique properties

Common Uses:

Aflas® is used in packing materials, gaskets, wires & cables, shaft seals, and O-rings with these characteristics:

  • Continuous service temp capability having resistance up to 230°C

  • Chemical resistance including resistance to strong acids and caustics / bases

  • High electrical resistivity

  • Oil resistance


Standard Compound: -5°C (25°F) to 220°C (428°F)

Hardness: 50 to 90 Shore A

ASTM D1418 Designation: FEPM

ASTM D2000 Designation: BG, BK, CH

Standard Colors: Black

Optional Colors:


The first TFE/P compound to be commercially marketed was Aflas® (a product of Asahi Glass). Different grades of Aflas® have different molecular weights. Most molded and extruded products are made from Aflas® 150P, which has a molecular weight of about 130,000. In comparison, Aflas® 100H has a molecular weight of 200,000 and is typically used where high pressures are to be sealed, such as in oil field applications. TFE/P compounds are also widely used in the chemical processing, automotive, and aerospace industries.


Aflas® performs especially well in alkaline, brines, corrosion inhibitors, crude oil, hydraulic fluid, hydrogen sulfide, methyl alcohol, and steam.


Aflas® is susceptive to acetone, phosphate esters, and methyl ethyl ketones.

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