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Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms

Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms

Diaphragms are flexible barriers that are commonly used to provide a seal and to isolate an enclose between a moving and stationary part. One example of an application where a diaphragm is used is with a piston working within a cylinder.
Static Diaphragms separate two fluids with little motion or pressure. Dynamic Diaphragms form a seal between stationary and moving parts, and transmit pressure.

Reinforcing the diaphragm with a fabric adds strength and sensitivity with minimum thickness.

Selecting the Fabric:

When selecting the fabric to be used to reinforce the diaphragm, the following factors are important:

  • Diaphragm pulse rate effect
  • Risk of tearing of the fabric due to flange sealing conditions
  • Required balance between sensitivity and strength of the fabric
  • Environmental effects on the fabric, i.e. flammability and temperature

Common Uses:

Fabric reinforced diaphragms are used in many different applications, including:

  • Valves
  • Regulators
  • Pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Pressure sensors

Techno Ad – Explore The Possibilities

Techno Ad uses special tooling to develop fabric reinforced diaphragms according to customer specifications from a wide range of materials and different types of fabrics, including drinking water certified compounds. We support the development process from concept to prototype and mass production.

Techno Ad’s fabric reinforced diaphragms meet the highest of military specifications, FDA, NSF61, and other standards.

Small minimum order quantities (MOQ) can be processed for in-stock customer designed fabric reinforced diaphragms. Techno Ad uses an advanced stock management system for all customer designed products.

Techno Ad is your comprehensive supplier for all sealing solutions

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