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FFKM/Kalrez™ perfluoroelastomeric materials


FFKM rubber compounds have excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. Certain grades have a maximum continuous service temperature of 327 °C (621 °F).

Common Uses:

They are commonly used to make o-rings and gaskets that are used in applications that involve contact with hydrocarbons or highly corrosive fluids, or when a wide range of temperatures are encountered.


Standard Compound: -46°C (-51°F) to 327°C (620°F)

Special Compound (High temp): 327°C (257°F)

Hardness: 65 to 95 Shore A

ASTM D1418 Designation: FFKM

ASTM D2000 Designation:

Standard Colors: Black

Optional Colors: White, Clear Amber


FFKM are considered as a Type 3 FKMs composed of VDF, TFE, and perfluoromethylvinylether (PMVE). The addition of PMVE provides better low temperature flexibility compared to copolymers and terpolymers. Typically the fluorine content of type 3 FKMs ranges from 62 to 68 weight percent.


FFKM rubber compounds excel in these areas:

  • Excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals

  • The highest temperature resistant elastomeric material in the market

  • Can be molded into o-rings, x-rings, and a wide variety of custom shapes

  • Available in many different compounds and colors targeted for specific applications and markets

  • Compounds available to meet FDA, USP Class VI and Explosive Decompression Resistance requirements


FFKM rubber compounds are susceptible to molten alkali metals and dynamic applications.

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