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An Overview of O-Rings & Rubber Seals

Techno Ad’s O-rings, and rubber seals, combined with our customized approach and expertise, provide industries reliable solutions for their needs. These elastomeric components play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient performance across an array of applications in diverse sectors ranging from water and irrigation to the cutting-edge domains of medical and security systems.

When it comes to the multifaceted world of sealing solutions, Techno Ad’s O-rings, and rubber seals, combined with our customized approach and expertise, provide industries reliable solutions for their needs. These elastomeric components play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient performance across an array of applications in diverse sectors ranging from water and irrigation to the cutting-edge domains of medical and security systems. This blog will elaborate on these essential components’ technical aspects, industry applications, and Techno Ad’s added value and commitment to customer-focused solutions.

A Technical Overview of O-Ring Elastomers

An O-ring elastomer seal, often distinguished by their inside diameter and cross-section, is a loop of elastomer or rubber with a round cross-section. They are designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal. This compression leaves no gaps, ensuring a tight seal that prevents the entry of fluids, gasses, and other substances between interconnected parts. This function becomes pivotal in certain industries where even a minor leak could result in significant consequences.
Contrary to metal or plastic components, which may be compromised if distorted, an O-ring elastomer requires deformation to operate effectively. If an O-ring elastomer is not compressed or expanded during use, it is likely not the correct choice. Considering this essential aspect, a seal assembly is formed using an O-ring and a gland that stops fluid and gas leaks. The gland assures that the O-ring is properly deformed, and that the O-ring’s volume does not surpass 90% of the gland’s space. This guarantees effective deformation.
O-ring designs are characterized by their measurements (determined by the inside diameter and cross-sectional width), their firmness, and the material from which they are made. This ensures compatibility and ease of integration in a variety of equipment.
These seals are also classified based on the presence of movement. If there is minimal or no movement associated with the seal, it is regarded as a static O-ring application. If there is a rotational or swaying motion associated with the seal, then its application is termed dynamic. Examples of dynamic O-rings include rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons.

Rubber Elastomer Seals: Functions & Applications

When it comes to the material intricacies of rubber seals, viscoelasticity is a unique component that distinguishes it from other substances. Natural rubber, derived directly from latex-producing plants, and synthetic rubber, formulated using various monomers and polymerization techniques, are two primary types of rubber. Each type has its advantages, with synthetic rubber often designed to achieve specific physical strengths and resistances, making it a preferred choice for many industries.
Techno Ad specializes in selling quality rubber seals and understanding the significance of implementing the appropriate rubber compounds for the seal’s specific function. We consider the shelf-life of a rubber seal and guide our clients in choosing the right elastomers for each specific industry application.

Waterworks and Irrigation

We proudly offer the waterworks industry a diverse range of certified elastomers, including EPDM, NBR, and silicone, along with standard and custom) O-rings, diaphragms, and seals. A comprehensive range of seals is also offered for irrigation products, agricultural machinery, and specialized environments like greenhouses. Among our product line, several of our compounds are UV and ozone-resistant, chemically inert, withstand agrochemicals, and offer stability under extreme climate conditions. These products are available upon request.


Techno Ad excels in providing the medical industry with FDA and USP Class VI-compliant elastomers and seals, which are essential for medical devices and instruments. Medical-grade silicone has proven to be the material of choice for many medical applications. These elastomers and seals are tailored for both invasive and non-invasive applications, emphasizing sterilization, resilience, and adaptability to diverse medical requirements.

Military and Defense

In the challenging domain of Military applications, where precision and reliability are crucial, Techno Ad delivers a comprehensive range of high-quality elastomer and rubber solutions meticulously engineered to endure the most rigorous conditions. From a diverse selection of standard and non-stand O-rings to custom-molded parts, our products meet SAE, AMS, and military standards. We provide support to key national entities such as the Israel Ministry of Defense, Israel Aircraft Industries, and many other companies in the field. We stand ready to collaborate on custom solutions for the ever-evolving challenges in military technology, ensuring precision from concept to production with a remarkably short lead time.

Additional Applications

Techno Ad also supplies quality rubber seals and O-rings for the automation industry and others. If we consider the vast application spectrum, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Techno Ad understands this intricate dynamic and the subtle differences in design, material composition, tolerance levels, and deployment that can influence performance, and we offer our customers O-ring seals and elastomers in a variety of shapes and sizes that ensure application compatibility.

Our Customized Approach to Sealing Solutions

When it comes to O-rings and rubber elastomer seals, Techno Ad diligently considers the different requirements of each customer. We offer custom molds, ensuring they align perfectly with customer specifications. We also offer the convenience of maintaining a stock of custom-designed seals with flexibility in order processing, even for smaller order quantities.
Techno Ad’s service is defined by our customer-oriented approach and by our commitment to making sure that industries function efficiently. Our unique advantage is that we are both manufacturers and suppliers, providing broad solutions and knowledge of the most intricate industry challenges on both local and global scales. We support our customers, offering a full spectrum of services, from expert material consultations and design recommendations to prototype development and full-scale production. We take pride in offering superior professional guidance, insights, and robust logistical support on elastomer seal qualities and product optimization to engineers and industry professionals, so they can make informed decisions. We recognize the importance of selecting the right seal for the right application and ensuring that its expectations exceed its functional role.

Looking for insight into materials for a specific application? Consult with our experts today to get the right material for your needs. Check out Techno Ad Ltd.’s product list and contact us here.

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