Engineering / Standards



Waterworks and liquids Standards

Water and Liquids Potable Drinking Water Systems Standards For potable drinking water (DW), the single most important issue is keeping water safe, clean, and free of pollutants. All Techno Ad sealing elements manufactured for use in the DW industry meet or exceed strict international manufacturing and environmental standards for the amount and types of contaminants […]

Food Standards

Food Grade Elastomer Standards All elastomers which are used in food processing, and especially those parts that come into direct contact with food, must meet strict governmental and industry requirements. These requirements regulate the material formulation of the product, the manufacturing process, and post-manufacture testing protocols. Food Industry certification organizations include: FDA (USA) – Food […]

Oil and Gas – Norsok M-710

Oil & Gas Standards Norsok M-710 Norsok standards are designed to ensure safety, improve, and make more cost effective the Norwegian Petroleum Industry processes and procedures. The Norsok M710 standard tests for Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) and Sour Services (H2S) aging of elastomers and thermoplastics. The standard examines the following criteria: Swelling Hardness Tensile, elongation, […]

Medical – Life Science

Medical Elastomer Standards All elastomers used in the Medical Industry must meet the following standards: ISO 10993 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all sterile and non-sterile medical devices that come into direct or indirect contact with the human body meet the guidelines set out in ISO 10933. ISO 10993 contains a series […]

Aerospace – Military

Aerospace-Military Elastomer Standards All elastomer manufacturers and the products that they produce for the Aerospace or Military Industries must meet stringent standards. The manufacturer must meet standards for organization, regulation, quality control, and manufacturing processes. The elastomer products themselves must meet standards for materials, design, function, and technology. The Aerospace and Military industries are economically […]
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