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O-Ring Cords

O-Ring Cords

O-Ring Cord is a continuous cord of elastomer material used to create O-rings, which is sold by the meter.



An O-ring splicing kit is required for the creation of O-rings from cord.

Calculate the length of cord required by following the formula:

((OD+ID) / 2) x Pi = Length where (Pi = 3.14159).

Techno Ad – Explore The Possibilities

Techno Ad offers O-ring cord in all standard AS568 and ISO 3601 sizes, and also in many additional non-standard sizes. Our cords are available in square, backup, X and other cross-section types. They are available in various materials (NBR, EPDM, FKM, Silicone, etc.), dimensions, hardnesses, and colors.

Techno Ad has support for continuous vulcanization, through compressions molding, for large diameter O-rings (over 1400mm).

Small minimum order quantities (MOQ) can be processed for in-stock O-ring cord.


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