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Oil Seals

Oil Seals

An oil seal is designed to prevent the leakage of oil, grease, water, chemicals, and lubricants.

Oil seals supplied by Techno Ad are proven to withstand extremes of temperature, retaining their sealing properties.

Techno Ad offers oil seals in a comprehensive range of materials including FKM, NBR, Teflon™, and silicone. Various profiles such as single or double lip, with springs and cases from stainless steel or rubber-coated metal are available.

Common Uses:

Techno Ad oil seals prevent leakage in applications and industries that include:

  • Dry running
  • High pressure
  • Separation of fluids
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil Refineries
  • Automotive


Techno Ad oil seals conform to all relevant international quality standards.

Special tooling can be manufactured to produce customer designed oil seals.

Techno Ad is your comprehensive supplier for all sealing solutions

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