Rubber Accessories For Optical, Electro-Optical And Night Vision Devices

Eyeguards, Lens Caps, Dust Covers and other customer designed rubber products.

Taking Care of the Details

Techno Ad’s dedicated rubber processing plant uses time-honored methods of compression molding and cutting technologies to present the client with only the finest, precision-made products.

The company’s rubber components include O-rings, seals, oil seals, rubber binding on metal parts, and parts for products such as keypads, hearing aids, fuel caps, and much more.

Silicone, natural rubber, FKM, neoprene, various elastomers, and many other materials are used to produce these items, according to the client’s precise requirements.

Techno Ad provides first-rate service throughout, ensuring that the entire manufacturing process goes smoothly, and that the resulting products meet even the most stringent quality checks.

Flexible Processes

The company’s facilities can be adapted to produce new and custom designs, as the client requires, and the Techno Ad team is also happy to lend its expertise regarding material selection, specifications, and more.

Strict Quality Standards

Techno Ad works with some of the world’s finest companies, operating in fields that require superior precision and demand only the very best equipment.

The Techno Ad plant is proud to be certified to the highest international quality standards, including ISO 9001:2008. An in-house quality assurance system ensures that every process is carried out with consistent attention to detail, while a special on-site laboratory is in place to ensure that all rubber used is of a uniformly excellent standard.

Specialist in Every Sector

We offer you a call back within 48 hours and an appointment within no later than 2 weeks.

Since its establishment in Israel during the 1960s, Techno Ad has risen to the top of its field, supplying quality rubber and integrated rubber-metal products to industry worldwide.

Techno Ad’s expert manufacturing team operates from the company’s rubber processing plant in Sderot, in the south of Israel. The plant focuses on developing specialist items for some of the world’s foremost hi-tech businesses, and responding to the precise demands of the international automotive, agricultural, medical, and military sectors.


Techno Ad is your comprehensive supplier for all sealing solutions

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