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How Continuous Molding Technology Enhances Large Diameter O-Rings Performance

O-ring sizes are limited by press and molding technology. When large size O-rings are required, continuous molding technology is the answer.

O-rings play a critical role in the performance of equipment, production lines and more. Large O-rings come with their own set of challenges and, when built from an O-Ring cord, may be the weakest at their glued or vulcanized joints, which can affect a seal’s reliability. If a splice opens, it can create failure, leakage and contamination issues.
Depending on the application, O-ring failure can have serious consequences.

In the past, the technology to produce large diameter molded O-rings has been limited
by press and molding capabilities. But that’s changed with the advent of innovative continuous molding technology.

Continuous Molding Technology Continuous Molding Technology

Continuous molding technologies are designed to eliminate problematic sealing performance that are sometimes found with common serpentine molding methods and spliced rings.

Because it eliminates failure-prone joints, it enables the manufacture of large diameter molded O-rings. And, it’s being successfully used in a diverse number of industries with stringent standards including aerospace, chemical processing, energy, oil and gas (EOG), industrial, semiconductor processing and much more. This proven technology eliminates the complexity and expense of custom designing a mold, with all the related challenges.

Often the maximum size of the O-Ring depends on the size of the mold and the hot press tonnage. Some companies, such as GMORS, have developed large diameter O-rings that have done away with these limitations. The benefits are clear. Along with eliminating mold costs, there’s no inner diameter size limitation, or minimum order quantity, coupled with competitive pricing and fast lead times. The mechanical performance is comparable to traditional O-ring manufacturing processes such as compression or injection molding.

Large diameter molded rings are available in a wide range of materials including NBR, HNBR, EPDM and FKM.

There are a number of innovative technologies addressing the challenges of large dimension O-rings, all of which can provide reliable and proven alternatives. Our experts will be able to recommend the right solution for your specific application.

For more information on large dimension O-rings manufactured with continuous molding technology, contact us.

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